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Paddling At Dawn Along Milford Sound

“LEFT! RIGHT! LEEEEFT…RIIIIIIGHT!”   (to myself) How did I end up in this situation: waves threatening to capsize the kayak and my frontman along for a photography joyride?! (early morning calm- don’t be fooled) In the past, I’d go on kayak … Continue reading

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Running Around The World

For this portion of my trip, I threw my running shoes back into the mix.  There’s certainty no space for them in my bag, but they’ll survive strapped to the outside of it.  Running makes me happy and going a … Continue reading

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Iguazu Falls: Happiness via Ions

I found myself in northern Argentina with a clear path down the western border to Patagonia.  So why would I hop on 3 buses for 24 hours in the perpendicular direction?  Iguazu Falls.  Having checked off Machu Picchu a few … Continue reading

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Will Travel For Taffy

(attractive, clearly) You don’t have to travel for long in Ecuador before hearing about Banos.  Fellow travelers will ask if you’ve been there yet and proceed to rave about how fantastic it is.  Usually this sort of travel advice is … Continue reading

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