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VOTE! Help us win a WEDDING in MEXICO Giveaway!

VOTE HERE: ***TRY VOTING FROM YOUR PHONE/CELL SERVICE (I’VE BEEN HEARING PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES VOTING FROM WIFI NETWORKS)*** Hi travel/blog friends!  I’ve neglected the blog for ages and ages…failed to tell you all about my amazing adventures in the … Continue reading

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Blog Hiatus – Flash Fwd to 2014

Well, it’s been a few months.  The calendar rolled over to 2014; my year of 30 is almost over; life has changed a lot in a few short months.  My fantastic blog fans, Kelly and Court, persuaded me to finish … Continue reading

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Singing Dead Sea in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Sunset – Jordan I adore the song “Dead Sea” by The Lumineers.  While floating in the Dead Sea off Jordan, it was impossible not to hum this tune as I experimented with the hilariousness of struggling to fold … Continue reading

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The Perfect Lunch in Rome

Everything in Europe seemed expensive to me this time around.  Maybe it’s the Euro doing so well against the dollar or maybe after Nepal nothing would seem cheap again.  Either way, I love a good bargain and it was between … Continue reading

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Searching for Zeus on Mount Olympus, Greece

Whether it was my friend, Russ, or I that came up with the idea to make a detour to hike Mount Olympus (home to 12 Olympian gods of ancient Greece), once the ball was rolling there was no turning back … Continue reading

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Diving with Manta Rays in Komodo National Park *video

Swimming back to the liveaboard boat on the Great Barrier Reef, I became lazy, put back on my mask and snorkel and rolled back over into the water.  That was when a huge dark shadow moved towards me, underneath me.  … Continue reading

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I Grew Up Eating Pasta (A Trip to the Italian Countryside)

I grew up eating pasta.  Lots and lots of pasta. My granny’s mother and father came over to Chicago from Rivisondoli, Italy over 100 years ago.  While I never met them, the family tradition of making homemade tomato sauce and … Continue reading

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Top 5.2: Edinburgh, Scotland

Back in June, I visited my best friend in England and we popped up to Edinburgh, Scotland for a 4 day girls-getaway.  We lucked out with perfect, sunny weather our entire stay, which only added to making this city seem … Continue reading

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When a Mom Goes to Thailand. Sisters in Thailand: Part II

In Monday’s post, my little sister guest blogged about her trip around northern and southern Thailand.  For today’s post, my older sister, Kris, writes about being stuck with me on a Thai island for nearly two weeks back in March. … Continue reading

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Sisters in Thailand: Part I

Update: I’m back in the USA!  While my RTW trip is technically over, there is plenty to catch you up on here and plenty more adventures to come.  Stay tuned. Back in March and April of this year, I met … Continue reading

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