VOTE! Help us win a WEDDING in MEXICO Giveaway!



Hi travel/blog friends!  I’ve neglected the blog for ages and ages…failed to tell you all about my amazing adventures in the US (FL, WA, CO, CA) and a big South Africa trip in the past year, but I’m back to plead for your HELP!

I SAID YES!  Paul proposed last month on our anniversary at the same spot we had our first hiking date, with a touching photo book filled with two years worth of adventures together and then popping the question on one knee with my grandma’s engagement ring in hand.  Nala-dog was there to witness it all too!


Flash-forward to this month when I saw a local tv show (Twin Cities Live) was giving away a wedding in Mexico and got the wild idea to apply.  You all know I’m crazy about travel – the food! the people! the beauty! – but apparently it’s contagious because Paul has developed wanderlust now too.  What better way to say “I DO! I DO!” than from an amazing destination with family and close friends, sharing our love and love of travel!

From 100 couples, our story made the top 5.  We were called in for tv interviews last week and then the staff picked us for their top 3.  Now the open voting has begun to pick the winner!  This is where you come in!  You can vote every day, through Sunday the 25th.  It takes seconds to do – a few clicks – no need to enter personal information/email address/sign-up for anything!  Please vote for us and consider sharing the link with everyone in your network, strangers at the store, etc.  Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!  Winners are announced next Monday – fingers and toes are crossed!


WATCH THE TV VIDEO CLIP HERE (fast-fwd to 4:57 for us!):

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2 Responses to VOTE! Help us win a WEDDING in MEXICO Giveaway!

  1. Christine Milton says:

    You guys should remind us everyday on FB…I did it today…..oh man, this would be so cool!!! We are going to Cancun on April 15…hint hint….maybe you want to get married that day…lol

    Christine Milton


    • Dawn says:

      I just posted on fb! It is so exciting – I don’t know how I’ll make it to Monday without exploding!!! Such an amazing chance! They locked the date in for March 12, 2016…you could always just roll one trip into another hehe

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