Blog Hiatus – Flash Fwd to 2014

Well, it’s been a few months.  The calendar rolled over to 2014; my year of 30 is almost over; life has changed a lot in a few short months.  My fantastic blog fans, Kelly and Court, persuaded me to finish the travel tails so I’m going to recap all the crazy changes since I came back from traveling and then slowly, but surely, I’ll keep posting about my adventures from the 2012-2013 travels.  There are plenty of destinations I failed to cover yet and plenty more in store for this year and beyond!

After Italy (the end of my world tour), it was back to the good ol’ US of A.  A quick stop in Chicago and then I stayed with my lil sister and her husband up in Duluth, MN for most of August and September.  These months were filled with family time, hanging out with my dog, exercising, cooking and eating healthy foods again…oh and applying for jobs.  It took Nally a few seconds to recognize me, but then we were back to being as thick as thieves (click for reunion video).  She ended up needing surgery shortly after I came back so I was grateful for the timing and being able to take care of her!  It also helped distract me from the transition of being home.  Plenty of blogs warned me of the culture shock and post-travel blues upon returning home, but I was still blown away when it hit.  It just took awhile to replace the pace of traveling with new routines and goals.

Unemployment bliss couldn’t last forever, though.  I accepted a contract job in Mirabel, QC (just north of Montreal) and loaded up the car once more in October.  I’ve been living here for four months now and while I’ve managed to only pick up a handful of French phrases, I’ve eaten plenty of crepes and poutine.  It’s back to the ol’ flight testing routine now…long days and long weeks.  I’ve met some wonderful people at work who help keep me sane and I have the world’s best neighbors who help look after Nally (and me!).  I’m also in a new relationship with a Minnesotan, which translates into fun weekend visits, exploring Montreal together, and more visits back home too.

Now it’s the end of January and I’m completely immersed in a Canadian winter.  Winter tires and all.  I remember years ago doing aircraft testing in an indoor chamber at -40degC and asking myself why on earth we were testing down to those temps –  who would possibly operate/live in conditions like that.  Me, apparently.    All this cold weather is good for staying indoors to go through travel photos and formulating blog posts.  Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Blog Hiatus – Flash Fwd to 2014

  1. Christine Milton says:

    Great post. Sounds like you are settling in pretty good. Congrats on the new relationship–I was wondering. Happy 2014!!!

    I just bought a ticket to Cambodia this summer. We are going to spend a few days in LA at the Beverly Hilton (thanks to Ellen) and then Paul is going to head home to study and work and I am heading to Cambodia to take a TESOL course. I will end up in Vietnam and travel up the coast. Really looking forward to it but it will be weird to be without Paul. Not sure what that will be like. I miss him already and haven’t’ even left yet. Anyways, he would probably kill me if I had stayed since I’m so distracting while he studies.

    Well, stay warm. Hate to tell you but man, Seattle has been gorgeous these days. Awe well. Take care.

    Christine Milton

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