Singing Dead Sea in the Dead Sea

SunsetDead Sea Sunset – Jordan

I adore the song “Dead Sea” by The Lumineers.  While floating in the Dead Sea off Jordan, it was impossible not to hum this tune as I experimented with the hilariousness of struggling to fold my legs under me, only to watch them shoot up to the surface.

My travels have included adrenaline filled adventure and mind expanding culture, yet this was one of the coolest things to date.  Floating in the Dead Sea instantly made me a kid again.  A bucket list item completely worth the stop!

Dead Sea Facts (thanks, Wiki):

  • 1,388 ft below sea level
  • lowest land elevation on earth
  • 33.7% salinity
  • 9.6x saltier than the ocean

Dead Sea Tips:

  • Heed the warnings about keeping the water away from your eyes and mouth. I saw tears shed.
  • Prepare yourself for feeling slimy. Literally. The super salty water leaves you covered in a film.
  • Prepare yourself for burning. Open cuts especially.  Doobeedoo.
  • Apparently you can die from swimming on your stomach.  Really?!
  • Real tip, you can find day access at Amman Beach for around $22usd (much cheaper than nearby resorts).  They have locker rooms, showers, pools, etc.  It was acceptable to wear a bikini here; several women were in full up robes and hijabs too, though.
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1 Response to Singing Dead Sea in the Dead Sea

  1. Darren says:

    Gotta check that out one of these days

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