Top 5.2: Edinburgh, Scotland

Views old town

Back in June, I visited my best friend in England and we popped up to Edinburgh, Scotland for a 4 day girls-getaway.  We lucked out with perfect, sunny weather our entire stay, which only added to making this city seem that much more charming!  I failed at narrowing the list down to exactly 5, therefore you get a whopping 6 of my favorites about Edinburgh!

 #1 Beautiful Buildings!

Edinburgh is now one of my favorite European cities.  All the stone!  This city is so pleasant that we would find ourselves sitting in Princes Park just staring up at the castle and the old town area.


#2 Camera Obscura

Oh to be a kid again.  CO boasts their 360deg view/camera from their rooftop and while the view was cool, the best part for me was the floors of fun below.  From optical illusions to electricity demonstrations to computer programs illustrating how I’d look as a primate, baby or old lady (mama mia), we had a blast!

Big Me Dinner

#3 My 1st Tea Time

Ah, my first and definitely not my last.  Jam, clotted cream, scones…oh and the tea…what’s not to love?  It was perfect for girl-time.  And so so delicious.

#4 Harry Potter Photo Hunt

Hand prints

J. K. Rowling lived and wrote in Edinburgh.  All throughout the city there were HP related things to find like the author’s handprints, graveyard headstones with names she borrowed for HP character names, a café she wrote in, a school that is supposedly the inspiration for Hogwarts, etc.  This little adventure took us all over the city; great way to sightsee in general!

#5.1 & #5.2 Hike & Shake

A tie.  Hike up to Arthur’s Seat for the view and exercise; suck down a shake for obvious reasons.  Or not so obvious.  This place was DQ on steroids.  A buffet of potential toppings so large we were paralyzed by the options for awhile.  Fat kid tip, get the thick version.

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4 Responses to Top 5.2: Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Kristyn says:

    Agreed! Fab trip! Now when do we open our Shake shop? ;). Thanks for exploring Edinburgh with me!

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    The architecture is amazing!

  3. Viki says:

    Hi Dawn!
    I love your pictures! Would it be okay for you to use the one of JKs hands on my blog? I’ll link to your blog of course! Let me know! Safe travels!

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