Backpacker or Flashpacker?

Something strange happened to me when I hit Indonesia.  From sleeping on a shelf on a boat off the coast of Australia, suddenly it was all air condition and modern bathrooms for me.  I was dangerously close to becoming a flashpacker.  What’s a flashpacker?  According to my travel guru, Erin, over at GoErinGo, “A flashpacker is some who travels with luggage instead of a backpack and doesn’t necessarily stay in hostels” (Read more).  Here’s what happened.

In Ubud, Bali I wanted to stay at a recommended guesthouse amongst the rice paddies so I blew my budget and stretched out on a king sized bed all to myself.

Breakfast rice paddies

In Gili Air, one night in a $7.50 hut with one of the worst bathrooms to date and a lizard as a roommate and I upgraded accommodations for $10 more to A/C, pool and modern (read: clean) bathroom.

roommate ocean 5

On Lombok, I cashed in some credit card reward points for a night in a luxury resort on Sengigi beach (so worth it).

On Labuan Bajo (Flores), the heat got to be too much and I bargained for a room at an upscale resort, complete with internet, pool and a balcony with views on my down day.

Balcony View Flores

If my backpack grows wheels I’ll officially need to change my travel status from backpacker to flashpacker!

No worries, though, by the time I hit Nepal it was back to cold showers and squat toilets!  Time will tell if the summer heat in the Mediterranean will trip the scale yet again!  What I know for sure, though, is that each of the splurges was completely worth it!!!

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