Donning an Apron in Bali

In El Salvador I learned how to make pupusas. In Bolivia, peanut soup. In Argentina, empanadas. It was time to learn some Indonesian cuisine!


Tripadvisor rarely fails me and this cooking course (Paon Bali) in Ubud, Bali had 5 ‘stars’ for a reason. For around $30 the half day excursion included transportation, a market tour, visiting/learning about local rice paddies, and a six course cooking class & meal.

The hosts, Puspa and Wayan, were meant for this job. They welcomed us into their home with a cold drink and explanation of their traditional home and family life. Their humor and spunk was always on hand throughout the morning too. The group shared tasks as we went through creating each dish and a few of us were accommodated with vegetarian alternatives.

Overall it was my tastiest meal in Bali, especially the Gado Gado (see recipe below).  I practically had to be rolled back to my guesthouse and immediately crashed out.  The fat kid inside me was very pleased with this all-you-can-eat adventure!


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2 Responses to Donning an Apron in Bali

  1. Parisa says:

    Whoa… I took this same class!

    • Dawn says:

      No way! I knew you took one – that’s awesome that I picked the same one :). Now we can make these dishes together easily enough!

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