The Unsung Heroes: What I Don’t Want to Live Without In My Backpack!

It’s probably obvious that a Kindle or quick dry clothing come in handy on an around-the-world trip, but there are little add-ons that make my life so much easier and deserve to be recognized.

Laundry Soap Bar
This little gem has been with me since Granada, Nicaragua.  Super handy!  From washing delicates in the sink to spot treating, it dries fast and only requires a small amount.  Pair it up with a sink stopper, but be prepared for the stopper to merely slow the drainage.


Top 2 Iphone Apps: Trip Wallet & Postagram
I love numbers.  But really, tracking expenses on a daily basis and seeing a graph with estimated vs actual would make any nerd happy.  Last year I was organizing costs in a spreadsheet, but the Trip Wallet app even allows me to export to Excel with the convenience of noting items in my phone throughout the day.  The latest version sadly changed my beloved graph (don’t think I didn’t email the creator), but it’s still my #1.

Postagram is a recent app that has gained my adoration.  I’ve been sending my niece a postcard from every country I visit – which can get expensive and time consuming (over an hour wait in Ushuaia, Argentina!).  With Postagram I send her one of my own pictures and a message for 99 cents.  Sure it won’t have the local stamp on it, but it has my silly face instead!

I’m still shocked when I meet people who haven’t heard of the Buff.  I wore one on 9 out of 10 runs back when I was training for races.  On the road, it’s useful for keeping hair back on a boat, ears warm up in the mountains, sweat out of my eyes in all of SE Asia, dust out of my face on any bus/car ride in South America, on and on.  Buffs are so handy that I travel with two!  Why two? One to cover my head and one to cover my face/neck.  Or my favorite: while hiking on the Annapurna Circuit the sun became really intense and my arms were frying holding trekking poles so I tied a buff to each arm above the elbow and at the wrist as makeshift sleeves.  You may think I look ridiculous in this photo, but I could see just enough to walk down this road in Nepal as Jeeps kicked up the dirt and gravel.


(Sidenote: I’m back! After a wonderful month in Nepal, I’m spooling down with some sightseeing in Kathmandu before heading to England for a visit with one of my dearest friends later this week!)

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2 Responses to The Unsung Heroes: What I Don’t Want to Live Without In My Backpack!

  1. Parisa says:

    Ya know, I could never really figure out how to conveniently use the buff with running or working out. I can see how it’s useful for dust coverage, but I didn’t like it as a workout sweat catcher.

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