Wildlife Wednesday

One last post from Queensland!  Well, it’s more of a photo post than anything else.  Wildlife is everywhere in this corner of Australia.  I was able to snag a glimpse at a few handfuls and capture photos of even fewer (plus all the underwater creatures!).  Here’s just a taste of what the diverse NE Australia has to offer:

Found only in Australia and New Guinea, these meat eaters are large and loud.  The noise they make almost sounds like laughter.


Golden Silk Orb Spider
While these are fairly common throughout the world, they seem especially large and prevalent in the rainforest area of Queensland.  These spiders weave a web that appears golden when the sun hits it right.  According to wiki, they found one in Queensland with a body of nearly 3″ and have been known to take down little finches and tree snakes.  No thanks.

I’m shamelessly stealing this photo from my new favorite Australian photographer.  He doesn’t publish his photos, but should.  He captures such unique wildlife and nature moments.  My luck didn’t extent to happening upon a wild cassowary; I had to venture to the zoo to see one.  These flightless birds have clawed 3-toed feet.  The second claw is around 5″ long!  Needless to say they can do some damage when their legs shoot up horizontally, ripping through flesh and limbs like it’s paper.

Green Tree Frog
This little guy was hanging out amongst all the balcony plants north of Cairns.  They’re common along the eastern parts of Queensland.

Granted there were wallabies running around everywhere from golf courses to the side of the road, but this photo of a Euro Kangaroo was taken at a bed & breakfast zoo near Cape Trib.  This is Jama; a real sweetie-baby.  As a female, she’ll stay under 25kg.

rooFrom parrots and cockatoos to crocodiles and snakes, there is wildlife for every animal lover in Australia.  I can’t wait to go back and explore more (minus the snakes part); perhaps next time I’ll catch a glimpse of a wild cassowary too!


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  1. Darren says:

    Awwww, Nice photos Dawn

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