Earthquake Destruction: Christchurch At A Glance

Since the magnitude 6.3 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks struck Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011, the city center has been fenced off as a red-zone.  I just read today that the fence is due to come down in June of this year and it prompted me to share a few photos from my visit.

The enthusiasm to persevere and rebuild was palpable even as the damage lingered into 2013. On the bus from the airport into town, I met a young guy from Auckland who was starting his first year at university the following week.  He came to Christchurch specifically because he was interested in civil engineering and wanted to be a part of the city’s rebuild.  Next to the red-zone, stores were erected out of shipping containers into a trendy shopping area they aptly named Re:Start.  Both locals and tourists alike ventured into this broken area.

Granted, I wouldn’t say Christchurch was one of the more spectacular cities I’ve stopped through (earthquake or not), but it was interesting to see the city in this stage of slow progress.  Hopefully, when they’re done rebuilding, what they construct will be even safer and more enjoyable!

Click on the pictures below for a better view of the damaged building, stores and container ATM!

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2 Responses to Earthquake Destruction: Christchurch At A Glance

  1. Christine Milton says:

    Oh wow, thanks for sharing this. Inspiring to see how they dealt with this tragedy. So creative. Hope you are having fun. Where are you now? Indonesia still? Seattle will be sunny this weekend and you know how that goes–lots of people in good moods and out and about. Looking forward to some kayaking action. Well, talk soon, Christine

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