Paddling At Dawn Along Milford Sound

(to myself) How did I end up in this situation: waves threatening to capsize the kayak and my frontman along for a photography joyride?!

Kayaking MS(early morning calm- don’t be fooled)

In the past, I’d go on kayak excursions while on vacation without really knowing how.  I’d rely on my boyfriend in the back to do the bulk of the work and I’d still complain up front about how much frigid water was dripping on me or how sore my arms were getting.  Since then a good friend in Seattle taught me how to efficiently kayak and I can only shake my head at the younger, more dependent (ridiculous) me.  Perhaps it was karma then when I signed up to kayak the length of Milford Sound, out to the Tasman Sea, and was paired with someone who had never kayaked before (despite the requirement – suggestion? – that you be experienced).


Six of us met in the early hours to catch the calm water and emerging sun. We were off to a slow start gearing up (check out my amazing pants) and it only became more comical once we were in the water.  After some instruction from the guide and tips from me, eventually my kayak buddy just stopped ‘paddling’ and proceeded to take pictures with his Iphone the remainder of the morning.  The wind and waves slowly picked up and I found the only response out of me was laughter.  We wouldn’t make it to the Tasman Sea that day, but it didn’t phase me too much.  A former version of me would have been pissed off and found the day ruined.  But that morning, I could only laugh at the unfortunate turn in weather and remember how frustrating and difficult it can be to do something new and unknown.

The kayak didn’t overturn; the boat that picked us up took us out to the sea so we experienced the full length of Milford Sound; the sun was shining (which is a near miracle in the Milford Sound area apparently).

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3 Responses to Paddling At Dawn Along Milford Sound

  1. Christine Milton says:

    Oh man, sounds frustrating but fun and definitely gorgeous!!!

  2. Darren says:

    Nice weather! We spent a few days down there and we were blessed some sunny weather to. We took advantage of an opportunity to do some scuba diving at Milford. It’s an amazing place. It’s just as steep underwater as it is above.
    Great pictures!

    • Dawn says:

      OH, lucky! I saw the scuba thing after the fact. I bet it was spectacular. Something about the depth and light – you can see stuff that is normally at deeper depths?

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