Greetings from Indonesia!

Yesterday I received a friendly email poke from my sister that my blog posts have been lacking these past few weeks.  I wasn’t injured on a motorbike, kidnapped by pirates or carried off by jungle monkeys.  (Bummer, I know.)  The reality is I’ve been island hopping from Australia through the Indonesian chain.  Settling into this slower mode included putting away my computer to simply enjoy this life.

Upcoming posts will include my experience volunteering on a liveaboard dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef, learning to cook in Ubud (Bali), coming within a few mere feet of the legendary komodo dragons and more spectacular views and breathtaking sunsets than my imagination could have ever conjured.

Meanwhile though, here is a glimpse to hold you over.  Just picture me parked in there with my Kindle, devouring the pages of Game of Thrones Book 1.

Gili Air

And then eating a lot of delicious $1.50 meals such as this one.


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7 Responses to Greetings from Indonesia!

  1. Christine says:

    You are livin the life girl!!!

  2. Moe Girard says:

    You go girl! Love your posts – keep them coming. BTW, Game of Thrones is a great series! Read every book and waiting for the next one to come out. Of course, I didn’t have you view when I read them. DOH!

  3. Pat Girard says:

    I’m jealous! Love the beach scene, and could just feel the relaxing warmth of the sun just looking at that picture. I have told you this before, but I am so envious of your travels, especially as I sit in my living room in Goddard, KS, lol! You get the picture, I’m sure. I look forward to your continuous posts. Continue on with your fun, and stay safe! Love ya!

  4. Hey Dawn! I just wanted to say hi, and let you know I’ve really been enjoying following all your travels! How long did it take for you to plan and save for your trip? How long will you be gone overall? Do you have a set plan, or just a general one? Just some questions, since I’m hoping to do a similar type of mega-trip in a couple years…

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