Finding Fault In The No-Plan Plan

At the end of last year I bought a one-way ticket bound for New Zealand, a bus pass to get around the country and stopped planning.  The new me.  No lists, no carefully plotted out course.

Only before NZ ever became a reality I realized that not planning has downsides too.  Onward travel tickets are required in many countries and before being issued a ticket from Singapore to NZ I would have to show proof of a flight to anywhere else.  In the spirit of no plan is my best plan, I made a fake email ticket confirmation (knowing I wouldn’t overstay my welcome) and plowed ahead.  They can’t stop my no-plan plan!

But I can.  Doing research and making plans is more efficient.  It may also save money.  I’ve been mostly flying around the world on built up airline points and waiting too long to make reservations means award deals are gone, options limited or last minute fees applied.  The new plan?…drum roll…90% of my remaining travels this year are booked!  There will always be room for spontaneity along the way, but dates in each place are locked in!  I’m more excited about this leg than I was before knowing what amazing destinations are ahead of me and where family and friends will be joining in.  There will be plenty of diving, beaches, hiking, culture and food in my future!


In the coming five months expect posts from the following RTW destinations:

Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Nepal, Tibet (if I’m lucky), England, Turkey and a surprise ending I don’t even know yet.

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One Response to Finding Fault In The No-Plan Plan

  1. Darren says:

    Good idea on the FAKE TICKET!!. I can’t believe you got away with that going to NZ

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