Running Around The World #3: Franz Joseph, NZ

brokenbridge Back in January, the south island of New Zealand was hit with too much rain.  As I walked the Kepler track the damage was fresh.  Massive trees hung over river rocks like rag dolls; impromptu trail was created and a temporary bridge inserted.  Along the west coast, though, the entire end of the Wanganui River bridge washed out, cutting off the rest of the west coast.  Most visitors trying to get to the famous Franz Joseph glacier bypassed the town altogether as the alternative was driving around over down and back hours upon hours.  By the time I made my way down the west coast, the repairs were in place and plenty of river rock moved over for support! Timing really is everything!

Since my big adventure in this area was skydiving, on the day most went to walk on the glacier I went for a run.  I’d bound down a beautiful trail only to be halted by signs like this:


Plan B: I made my way back down to the paved road towards the glacier.  Forget the dodgy trails!

While the run was around an hour, I still failed to make it anywhere close to terminus of the glacier (apparently there was a shuttle though! douh!). The road view was better than most anyways!

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