Jumping Out Of A Functioning Airplane

Fox GlacierYears ago I climbed out onto the wing strut of a single engine Cessna and held on as my body hung parallel to the body of the airplane before letting go and floating three thousand feet back to Illinois.  Those were static line jumps and while it was thrilling to be on my own, the chute was immediately pulled by airplane.  Ever since I’ve promised myself I would do a tandem sky dive from a much higher altitude to experience a free fall.  And it would be somewhere with more varying terrain than the farm fields of the midwest.

Near Fox Glacier in New Zealand proved to the perfect local.  The flight up to altitude was worth the cost alone as we flew up and over the glacier, past towering mountain peaks.  On one side was the mountains, on the other was the Tasman Sea.  My sky dive expert, Ozzie, and I took the leap from 16,000 feet with nearly a minute of free fall.  For a hefty fee, he recorded it all on video for me too.  You will hear a lot of “I’m so pumped” and you will see an endless smile on my face.  I get emotional watching the video!  Everything about it was spectacular and this memory be in my highlight reel forever.

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3 Responses to Jumping Out Of A Functioning Airplane

  1. Darren says:

    I to have only done static jumps… I kind of wish i would’ve done that when i was down there. dammit!
    Cool video Dawn

  2. gpcox says:

    My father was a paratrooper, but for me, as long as the plane flies – I’ll be in it!

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