Zorbing in New Zealand

When I reached the New Zealand customs desk at midnight after a long flight from Singapore, the last thing I expected was to be grilled for 15 minutes.  I’ve just been lucky enough to not encounter skepticism of my intent by customs during the past 6 months.  Even entering back into the US, the guy asked me if I’d been ‘cow-tipping’, chuckled to himself and moved the queue right along.  But now after poking around New Zealand for a few weeks on a hop-on-hop-off bus that covers both the north and south islands, maybe my answers did seem a bit shady after all.  New Zealand is set up for tourism.  Everywhere.  There is so much to see, so many activities to do…one could easily get lost here or better yet go broke! Clearly my answer to ‘What do you plan to do while here?’ of ‘Oh, see fjords, mountains, whatever I can…hop on the bus, hop off, ya know’ must have sounded crazy or completely unprepared at best.

In fact, there are a few activities I’ve been looking forward to checking out in New Zealand for awhile now: Zorbing, Hiking, Horseback riding in Lord of the Rings scenery and Skydiving.  This post is dedicated to zorbing.  Around 1994 in New Zealand, some locals invented this activity, essentially rolling down a hill in a ball like a hamster.  I chose the zig-zag track with water in the bottom of the orb.  It’s just too wacky not to try!

Proof. There’s always proof.  You can watch this minute clip of me sloshing around below!

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