Running Around The World

For this portion of my trip, I threw my running shoes back into the mix.  There’s certainty no space for them in my bag, but they’ll survive strapped to the outside of it.  Running makes me happy and going a whole year without it wasn’t working.

So far?  Running around the world is a new thrill.  It’s a fast way to explore a new city, waterfront area or countryside.  The miles even go by so quickly as I take in the scenery.  I’m going to try to bring my camera along to share the views!  Disclaimer, my face gets really red when I run.  Don’t judge.

This photo series is from a run in the north island of New Zealand.  I ran a 10k to a waterfall and back with fields of sheep and bee boxes to keep me entertained!


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One Response to Running Around The World

  1. patroosh says:

    Love this! Great pictures Homie!

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