Cupcake Crawling in Chicago, USA

JasonMeet Jason:

Jason and I have been best homies since we were 14 years old.  Which means we’ve been friends since we were chubby, awkward kids and why it only made sense for us to go on a Cupcake Crawl together while I was visiting Chicago.  Fat kid binge!  (We’d save the concerns over angry bellies and potential diabetes for later on)

Our cupcake tour took us all over downtown and north of the Loop.  In total we hit 7 cupcake joints  (technically 2 were a week later):  Southport Grocers, Bittersweet, Magnolias, Sprinkles, Molly’s, Crumbs and Sweet Mandy B’s.  That’s a lot of delicious cupcakes!  My spread included a chocolate with vanilla frosting, german chocolate, carrot cake, coconut, chocolatex3, cookie dough and oreo.  Wisdom gained from this adventure includes drinking lots of water, adding in some real food for a good middle layer, taking breaks and strategizing cupcake choices instead of making emotional decisions (that last chocox3 at 10pm really hurt).

My sweet tooth was happy as can be with all the cupcakes.  In the end it was a tie between the German Chocolate Cupcake from Bittersweet (one of my favorite cakes) and Jason’s classics confetti cupcake from Sweet Mandy B’s.  Gold stars are awarded to Bittersweet and Molly’s for the best ambiance!

Discussion over the next crawl has already begun…fancy donuts perhaps?!

Cupcake Crawl

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3 Responses to Cupcake Crawling in Chicago, USA

  1. Kristyn says:

    Umm, count me in for the next crawl!!!

  2. patroosh says:

    Homie! Next time you are here we are going to have to try More…I don’t know how this was off our radar!

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