Round II RTW: What’s next?

The other side of the world!  That is what’s happening.

Windsor Singapore (Windsor Castle – Heathrow layover; Singapore view on my morning run)

This blog does not often venture into too much personal territory, but here we go.  A majority of the first round of this trip I spent traveling with my boyfriend and then towards the end of Round I we became part of the traveler statistics on RTW splits.  The past 7 weeks I was between Chicago and Minnesota, celebrating my best friend getting married and turning 30, celebrating four family birthdays and spending the holidays with them, surviving a cupcake crawl and in general soaking up all family and friend time possible.  It was easier to step onto the plane this time around, with the confidence of half a year of traveling under my belt, but if anything the goodbyes got harder.  I’ve regrouped, repacked and am ready for Round II, though, as it takes on a whole new identity as I explore the world as a solo traveler.  Weeeee!

I’ll actually be spending the next month in New Zealand! They have an established hop-on-hop-off bus route there through the north and south islands that will lead me to hobbits and extreme adventures.  Posts may be sporadic as NZ is notorious for their lack of free wifi.

The plan after NZ is fluid.  Towards the end of March I’ll be in Thailand with my older sister, Kris, and again at the end of April with my little sister, Courtney.  During the unscheduled weeks, I’ll go where my heart desires and enjoy the precious time left of this crazy, wild, unpredictable year!

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