30b30 Update: 3 Month Countdown

This past Sunday marked the 3 month countdown to 30.  I thought I’d do a quick catch-up on what I’ve achieved, what I’m aiming to still accomplish and what will sadly fall into the 35b35 bucket!

Working On It:

#14 Summit 3 mountains – hit 2/3 so far
#15 Try a new recipe once a month – I’ve been sticking to known recipes in hostels and taking cooking classes here and there. I’ve learned to make some quinoa dishes, peanut soup and empanadas so far.  I’ll keep working on this – time to learn some Thai dishes, nom!
#21 Develop photog skills – I ventured beyond my kit lenses and got a new wide angle lens. No excuses not to spend some time on this now!
#24 Dance more – took a tango class, but that was it.  Time to bust out some moves in my hostel dorm???

Not going to happen?:

#3 Take sailing lessons – I want to do this in the Puget Sound area (I think).
#7 Be able to do one un-assisted pull-up – not impossible, but a miracle might be required.
#22 Pet a wolf – need to make it to FL! Shoot!  I did pet monkeys and a coati recently though.
#25 Get my granny’s ring back
#27 Complete Seattle to Portland bike ride – not in the US, woops.


#6 Organize Photos – I took what seemed like ages and a new portable hard drive, but my pictures were all sorted and backed up before I left for my RTW trip and again after the half-way point.
#10 Read at least one book a month – This has been easy to get with the combo of a Kindle and free time on buses and in hostels.  I’ve read over a dozen books in the past 6 months.  I plan on keeping this goal moving forward!
#11 Learn a joke – I’m going with Mitch’s joke because I can’t help laughing every time I hear it.  “why was the bike resting on it’s kickstand? Because it was two tired”
#12 Learn Spanish/Italian language  – For the past six months or so, I listened to my Pimsleur Spanish refresher mp3s, took a few tutoring lessons and trudged my way through Central and South America trying to advance beyond survival Spanish.  There is so much more to learn, but I definitely improved and would continue to practice in the future!  I put some Italian lessons on my Nano to start on too.
#18 Volunteer more – One month out of the past six was spent volunteering on a farm and an animal refuge.  Volunteering will always be a part of my life – I need to make a conscious effort to make it a routine.
#20 Spend more time with my family – I just spent 7 weeks living with my two sister!  This wasn’t always the plan, but I am so glad it worked out how it did.  Plus, Skype is an amazing way to stay in touch with my nieces and sisters.
#29 Leave my comfort zone – I was all over this one the past six months.  There was some hitchhiking in Honduras, talking to all sorts of people from all walks of life and even one stint at couchsurfing.

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