Biking in Bariloche

One of the biggest misconceptions people (okay, me) have about traveling around the world is that you must stay in great shape.  What with all the walking and free time to, um, work out…nope.  There is a lot of walking without a doubt, but there are also endless hours sitting on buses, eating out and daily desserts rations. Not that I am making excuses for letting the fitness slip away as I kept heading south; I am sure I could have fit in a push-up or two each night in the hostel.  Nevertheless, I was still surprised when I enthusiastically headed outside the town of Bariloche for a DIY mountain bike ride (on paved road) around the famous Circuito Chico and found myself walking the bike up hills.

Ciruito ChicoI read some other travel blogs prior to doing this.  They made it sound like a relaxing loop trail around a lake.  Not so much (unless you take all day to do it maybe?).  Perhaps in another environment I would have been miserable, but the physical exertion was completely worth it.  The views were stunning, spectacular, phenomenal.  The weather was amazing.  And for all those uphills, there were exhilarating, high speed downhills too!

Check out this super short video from the top of one hill:  Bike Ride VIDEO

More from my visit to Bariloche, Argentina:

More Bariloche

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3 Responses to Biking in Bariloche

  1. Anita Mac says:

    So true! I am always impressed when I see fellow backpackers/travellers out jogging or fitting in some proper exercise! Luckily, I like to mix in active holidays…but then again…I love to add in the local cuisine…oh, the dilema! Looks like you had a great time in Bariloche.

  2. Chubby Bunny says:

    I just did the same bike trail around Circuito Chico yesterday! You’re right, far from relaxing but the views are SPECTACULAR…. I haven’t yet decided if the pain was worth it, or if it was only that after being confronted with the views I quickly forgot the pain 🙂 but all in all it was a great day!

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