Mendoza is Wine Country

Mendoza, Argentina has plenty of restaurants and parks to keep a visitor poking around for a few days, but really it’s the wine that brings in the tourists from both internationally and domestically.  This centrally located region, Mendoza Province, produces roughly 2/3 of all the Argentinian wines!  The most popular being the Malbec.  For under $5 it was possible to get a tasty bottle of Malbec from the grocery store or there was always the nightly free glass from the hostel, poured out of a giant jug.  And while there were plenty of organized tours to hop on ($$), the DIY wine tasting tour by bike had a certain adventurous ring to it.

It was a short public bus ride from Mendoza to where the bike rentals were and then several miles of bike riding depending on how ambitious you were (or how high your tolerance was).  I was mentally unprepared for riding with the cars/trucks on the road and the lack of gears on my bike!  The wine helped.  I’m also not too savvy on picking up the differences between various wines, but I did find it fascinating to learn about the history of wine in the region (the boom that was generated from the railroad being built, Italian wine techniques being brought over by immigrants, etc).  And just when I was completely wined-out, there was a hole-in-the-wall ‘brewery’ to grab a bite to eat and a porter before heading back to Mendoza!

Wine Tasting

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2 Responses to Mendoza is Wine Country

  1. ShruTroup says: and riding a bike makes for an interesting experience. We did a bike winery tour in New Zealand this year. I was giddy after the first tasting ..thanks to my low tolerance. I felt invincible on my little gearless bike. Is it possible to get DUI while riding a bike..I wonder.
    If you are interested, you can read our NZ experience here:

    Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!

    • Dawn says:

      I know, right?! I felt like we should have been confined to a bike path at least…for everyone’s safety!!! Maybe I’ll have to try this out again when I get to NZ (if I can stomach all that wine again, ha), thanks for the article! Happy Holidays!

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