Empanadas in Argentina

When a hostel throws in free laundry and a glass of wine each night it is enough to make me swoon, but when they throw in a free empanada cooking class (with more wine) the fat kid inside me comes out jumping up and down ‘weeeeee’.  

This was so much fun. The most adorable lady donning a chef hat instructed a group of us at the hostel on how to bake Argentinian empanadas.  She even arrived with a special vegetarian filling!  Special because it had actual vegetables and was for me.  Our instructor placed the filling ingredients into the saute pan (after letting us smell all the ingredients…’this is garlic’) and then we were off to a large table to converse, drink wine and press together empanadas.  

Empanadas are a small tortilla with filling in the middle.  The edges are pinched together into a half circle and baked for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.  It sounds simple enough, but getting the right ratio of dough to filling so that juices or cheese don’t explode out or so the pinch pattern is uniform is an art.  Luckily it all tastes the same in the end and I could easily pop in a few handfuls of these delicious hot-pockets.  If you’re interested in baking these, check out this recipe post I found that lays it out way more clearly than I could: Mendoza-Style Empanadas.


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