Uruguay In A Day

Here is how I ended up doing Uruguay in-a-day.  

From Buenos Aires there is a one hour ferry ride across Rio de La Plata to the town of Colonia.  Immigrations is even handled right at the ferry terminal.  Once off the boat in Colonia, it is a ten minute walk down to the old city (barrio historico) where one can stroll through the cobblestone streets, visit the numerous museums on a day pass, climb the lighthouse and head over to the waterfront pier and watch sailboats coming in to dock.  A few minutes further east down the road and there are plenty of restaurants (read: ice cream shops) to enjoy.  A half is day is plenty to explore this portion of town, but if you end up getting the late ferry like me there are always the sandy beaches nearby to relax on, cafes for afternoon coffee and alfajores or postcards to send!
4 passport stamps and 14 hours later, I was back at my hostel in Buenos Aires! Hopefully my next visit to Uruguay will include Montevideo and be at least an overnighter!


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3 Responses to Uruguay In A Day

  1. crazyplaneat says:

    congrats for your blog! very nice pics and amazing destinations, you’re doing a great life experience! and, like you, I also have my list of things to do before 30 🙂 (still have 6 months)
    I’m going to Argentina and Brasil in April, so I’ll use your helpful posts to plan my trip, thanks for this! 😉 I saw you took the ferry to Uruguay and I was planning to do it as well, although prices on the web look very expensive. Did you find any low cost option? any tip to do this one-day trip? thanks for your help and keep on enjoying your amazing trip, let us dream through your blog 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, good to hear from you! I think the earlier you book the ferry the cheaper it is OR book through a hostel a few days before. I bought it online a day or two before and paid the price. For one day, you’ll have to head to Colonia most likely. For Montevideo, at least 2 days would be good since the ferry trip is farther. Good luck and have fun out there!

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