My Top 5: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hands down, Buenos Aires was the most exciting city to explore on the first leg of my RTW trip.  With its wrought-iron balconies and Euro architecture, I thought I was transported to the streets of Paris only with empanadas!  It was an incredibly easy city to travel around and one I envision re-visiting over the years to come.  Here are a few highlights (in no particular order!):

BA    Subway

1. Tango: Buenos Aires is known for its tango, but there are many ways to experience this dance while visiting.  Some dancers perform inside small cafes and restaurants or take to the streets for instance.  I chose to spend a little extra entertainment money and get in on the action. A group from my hostel went on clearance price night to a tango show that included a one hour not-so-serious class, 4-course meal, all you can drink and a fabulous tango show!  Check out the links below to compare videos of two classmates showing off their new moves and the professionals:

VIDEOS: Amateurs vs Professionals


2. Walking (thought by the pictures, maybe this should be titled ‘Eating’):  Buenos Aires has a lot of smaller neighborhoods that are easily accessible by bus or subway, but walking from area to area is a fantastic way to see a lot of the details.  From the European architecture to cute cafes to antique markets to $5 pizzas, veggie food and alfajores, I barely scratched the surface of what this unique (though expensive) city has to offer (food wise?).

About town

3. Book Store:  There are a lot of hidden gems in Buenos Aires, but this might top my list.  This 1919 theater has been converted into what just might be the most beautiful bookstore in the world, El Alteno.  I absolutely love this building preservation. Thanks to P for recommending I check it out!

La Ateno

4. Live Music:  Every Monday night at 7pm, La Bomba de Tiempo performs at the Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires.  This percussion line performs different sets each week to a massive crowd of locals and visitors.  It is virtually impossible to not start tapping a foot or swaying a hip to these beats!

5. Cemetery:  I included this on my top 5 for the historical factor and uniqueness.  La Recoleta Cemetery is 14 acres of nearly 5000 above ground vaults.  Perhaps the most famous person buried here is Eva Peron, though many important politicians, artists and business persons rest here as well.  Here is why I am not so sure about this place.  It is beautiful.  The architecture of these vaults are stunning, elaborate tributes for the dead.  There are also quite a few, though, that are run down to the point where the glass is broken, earth is growing within and all the contents are viewable.  I was leering into a place I shouldn’t and I couldn’t help but feel eager to leave.  Maybe that is all part of the history and mystery to this famous cemetery.


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