Happiness is in the Andes

A few months ago it was unimaginable to me to spend 40 hours traveling by bus.  You read that right, 4-0. I read travel forums where people laughed at this crazy concept and advised taking a plane for anything over 5 hours!  There didn’t seem to be much budget air travel in South America though, so unfortunately spending 40 hours schlepping bags between 4 buses was the ‘best’ option for me.  I was traveling from Cuenca, Ecuador to Huaraz, Peru to get a view of these stunning white mountains:


Huaraz, Peru is the capital  of the Ancash Region.  For me (and most travelers), though, it was a convenient gateway to the Cordillera Blanco.  There are outdoorsy options right out of town, but with glaciers and mountain lakes with stunning backdrops of summit peaks reaching over 6,000 meters within a few hours of Huaraz, the options seemed endless!  I covered just a smidgen of what there is to see and loved all of it.  Count on me being back, Huaraz!

Lago Llaca: Easy easy hike; took a taxi and he waited. I cursed for about half of it (short story- trail abruptly ended, there was some unintended scrambling involved and some ankle rolling, rage.  Couldn’t stay in a bad mood for long with this view, though).

Lago Llaca
Tour to Pastoruri Glacier: Okay, barely any walking involved on this one, but it was ridiculously cheap and I enjoyed the views!

Pastoruri Glacier   Queen of the Andes

Laguna 69: The altitude was tough on the steeper portion; took super cheap public transportation. The color of this lake was like no color I’ve ever seen in a Crayola Crayon box.

Laguna 69

Laguna 69 Hike

(note: photos with me in them were taken by J.R.)

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One Response to Happiness is in the Andes

  1. Christine says:

    wow!!! What a great adventure!

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