Nicaragua Review

This past month I have been using lack of quality internet as my excuse for not documenting my travel experiences in a timely manner. The reality is more that whenever free time presents itself I merely wish to relax or do anything but try to find words to capture the blitz of cities and adventures that have filled the past 11 weeks.  Three countries behind though is not helping the situation so I am resolving to catch up!

Taken from Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Nicaragua hit home how difficult it is to make decent connections with people or the area itself in one measly week between two cities.  But the brief, very tourtisty week in Nicaragua got my feet wet.  Someday I will return and dive around the Corn Islands or explore more of the small towns in the north.

For those curious about cost of living, the average daily cost that week worked out around $34/day.  That includes two tours!  This would be the last Central American country on my route where traveling between cities on a cheap chicken bus was readily available.  It would also be the country where my obsession for cheap freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies would take off.  From delicious skewers in Leon to Italian-style pizza in Granada, finding vegetarian options was never too tough.

Favorite Memory:

Telica Volcano night hike (first lava encounter)!  A close runners-up would be hanging out with this couple that I met a month prior.  We followed each other along the same route nearly the entire month – Amazing Race style – and never really hung out until Comayagua, Honduras when we fortuitously ended up on the same day in the same city, same hostel (again).  Incredibly random, super fun.

Worst Memory:

Nothing too notable.  There was a bus ride where the back half of the bus was yelling at the four of us gringos and we couldn’t figure out why.  That was fairly terrible.  There was also the ice cream sundae I inhaled in Leon that left me not right for a week.  Minor bumps in the rtw road!

Favorite Hostel:

Oasis Hostel – they had a pool, hammocks, free coffee, tea, and breakfast treats.

Worst Hostel:

Hostel El Albergue in Leon – creepy vibe, terrible beds, bedroom was a sauna, on and on…left after one night.

Favorite Picture:

I love this picture, though grainy, for capturing my moment on the edge of a volcanic crater.  (Photo credit to JR)

Pushing my luck on the edge of a volcanic crater

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2 Responses to Nicaragua Review

  1. Kristyn says:

    Oh man, you will LOVE the fresh fruit juices and shakes (what we call Slushies) in Thailand!!!

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