4 Weeks of RTW Traveling

A whole month of this RTW trip has already gone by!  It’s hard to believe when I consider the vast amount of treasured memories I’ve collected thus far.  Traveling in Central America has been phenomenal and there is still so much more to go!

Countries Visited: 2
Days Work-Exchange/Volunteer: 12
Nights spent at Hostels: 13
Nights spent Couchsurfing: 2
Night spent on the ground: 1
Books read: 7.5
Items broke, lost, stolen: 3 *
Days sick: 0
*(broke my Kindle screen, tore open my hiking pants on barbed-wire while horseback riding, missing tank-top)

The REI Vagabond Tour 40 backpack is working out well, but I honestly could use an extra few liters.  With the front zip panel, the material doesn’t give at all.  On days when I want to lighten the load of my daypack by adding some to the main pack, it’s a hideous scene of sweat and swears as I try to force the bag closed without busting the zippers off or tearing material (I probably just jinxed myself).

The best advice I didn’t follow was not to bother buying a liner to sleep in – I use it ALL the time.  The steripen has been very useful too – saving me from buying bottled water or drinking questionable water on the organic farm.

Crossing into Honduras on foot…got the shoes strapped under the bag, pants drying on the outside…who wouldn’t want to let me into their country?

The biggest surprise yet has been how terrible my laundry hand-washing skills are.  The biggest met expectation is preferring to stay in places longer rather than packing my bags every day or two.

I wouldn’t be doing my experiences justice to pick out a particular favorite, but I’m finding some of my favorite moments are the quiet ones.  Staring out the window of a bus with pride after just managing to catch it using my broken Spanish.  Treading underwater to only the sound of dolphin whistles and clicks as they swirled around me.  Staring out at the Atlantic or Caribbean Sea (both within one week!) with incredible appreciation for this opportunity.  I’ve been amazed at the support my family and friends have continued to show me and I find myself beyond thrilled to find their emails waiting or snag some Skype time when there is internet access.  I’m fortunate in many, many ways.

Currently I’m on Jewel Cay off Utila, Honduras.  I’m extending my stay an extra day or two so I can try night diving before heading back to the mainland and making my way to Nicaragua.  More posts to come on my time in El Salvador and Honduras!

This is the tiny cay I’ve been staying on the past few days while learning to dive with Captain Morgan’s Dive Centre

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