Ruinas de San Andres & Lago de Coatepeque

The organic farm I was volunteering at in El Salvador had a convenient location, situated between San Salvador and Santa Ana.  It also happened to be a hop, skip and a jump (or one short bus ride) to the Ruinas de San Andres.  Entry was only $3 and included the museum. This Mayan archeological site’s main attraction was a step pyramid and courtyard. The other volunteer that came with said this site was tiny in comparison to the archeological site she had just visited, Tikal in Guatemala.  Since these are the first ruins I’ve seen in Central America, though, I was still impressed.

Ruinas de San Andres (myself and Raven)

The visit was rather short so we spontaneously hailed a bus down and headed north to Lago de Coatepeque, a volcanic lake at the foot of the Santa Ana volcano with views of Cerro Verde and Volcan Izalco.  We got off the bus to Santa Ana on the highway and walked up an off-ramp to catch a transfer bus to the lake.  While waiting for the bus, we began gorging on tortas when suddenly the temperature plummeted and the skies unleashed all they had.  Huddling under the plastic tarp haphazardly thrown over the tortas stand, our bus pulled up (the luck).  Rather than wait another 30 minutes we took off in a sprint.  The road had turned into a raging river and by the time I fought my way onto the steamy bus I was soaked head to toe.

Shore view of Lago de Coatepeque

Our excitement over catching the bus soon faded as the rain stopped within minutes and the bus proceeded to wait for more passengers for at least 15 more minutes.  It was a good reminder in patience, to always bring my raincoat and to laugh off the small stuff (or so I tell myself).  By the time we made it down to the lake the sun had returned and we chilled out at a restaurant, enjoying the view and drying off.  Making a stop at Lago de Coatepeque turned out to be just the brief relaxation I needed from too many days in a row of weeding the gardens.

Lago de Coatepeque

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