The Final Countdown to Traveling the World!

This is the transition phase.  I’m in between chapters in my life, excited for what is to come and yet constantly reminiscing over the past.   I’ve been surprised at how quickly all the joy of built up excitement faded when the stress and sadness of moving cropped up.  There were the expected rough spots such as saying goodbye to new and old friends, but it was the unexpected small stuff that floored me as I became sentimental over the mountain views, mourned leaving the rental house I’d become so fond of and the nearby park Nally frequented. Despite my procrastination packing and general desire to become a hermit, everything came together and I hit the open road.  I’ll spare you the sappy details, but basically what little roots I’d put down in Washington felt terrible to pull away.

Fast forward 1,775 miles and 29 hours of driving.

The one week spent at my sister’s house in Minnesota went by in a blur.  Numerous errands on my to-do list were checked off and the moving truck finally arrived, was unloaded and stored in my sister’s basement.  What would a move be without a little drama (and a lot of damage – to no fault of the moving company, of course)…it appeared as though the truck had rolled a few times down the highway before resuming its course…or perhaps taken a gravel backroad across all five states.  Beyond that, Nally is getting adjusted to life with her two new pals and my sister is realizing just what she signed up for, doobeedoo.

Nala sharing her bed with Tyson and Monster

Then Nala and I hit the road again for Illinois; this time with my little sister.  Another 470 miles later, we spent a long weekend with all the family together before she had to head home and I had to hug my puppy-frog goodbye.

Niece Elle & I

Now I’m left with under two weeks to smother my nieces, catch up with my best friends and focus on last minute trip details (no worries, finally purchased that first plane ticket!).  There is definitely no time left for lingering nerves, fear, apprehensiveness or doubt.  I’d be lying if I said those emotions aren’t still present, but I’m focusing ahead on making it safely to my first Couchsurfing spot in El Salvador and the excitement will flow from there!

Weeee, it definitely has not sunk in that I’m about to make my dream a reality.  First stop: San Salvador, El Salvador!  I’ll be spending a little over a day there before busing-it an hour north to volunteer for a few weeks.

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