Meet Plan Go!

Last week nearly a dozen Seattleites gathered for happy hour in Ballard to talk travel experiences and travel dreams as part of a Meet Plan Go local meetup.

The only other meetup I attended was a few months ago down near Pioneer Square and I walked away with renewed motivation and excitement for travel planning.  It doesn’t take much to feel as though I’m an outlier, heading down some usual path.  Talking in person with folks that have successfully lived out their dream or who are about to take the leap too is reassuring.

This latest happy hour was as equally rewarding and entertaining as the last meetup. These strangers allowed me to bounce around my plans and in turn provided feedback, recommendations and encouragement.  It may be the only crowd where the response to “tomorrow is my last day at work” is “YAY! CONGRATS! WOOHOO”!  I love meeting awesome, inspiring people.

Seattle Meet Plan Go! @ Kings Hardware in Ballard (photo by Lori Stone)

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