#17.8 More Shots

Preparation of measles vaccines

I’m grateful for each and every hen that produces the estimated 600+ million eggs for vaccine incubation each year.  Knowing I’m heading out on my travels loaded up with potentially life saving Memory B & T cells is definitely something to appreciate.  Hopefully technology is being developed to give these chickens a rest soon though!

Yesterday marked the last round of travel shots! Woohoo!  This time my buddy Steve was on vacation and the replacement lady brought me to tears.  I think she was working out her built-up work-day rage with every stab.

The Meningococcal vaccination was added at the last minute (again, $0.  thank you insurance), making yesterday’s pokes total four.  11 in total this past month. My insurance only hooked me up with a month of malaria pills for $15.  If I need more, I’ll find some on the road.   I can’t complain, considering I didn’t have make the difficult cost versus health decision on any of the vaccinations! This brings the new total expense for pre-trip health services to $110.

Updated Vaccination/Medicine Total Cost

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