#23 No More Clutter!

Each time I move I eliminate more of my possessions.  Those college notebooks I’ll never look at again, those high school shirts that are worn-in to perfection, piles of gifted candles and lotions, frames that haven’t held a picture since entering my world…

This will be the third move in a year and a half and it has become apparent that the first few rounds are easiest.  There was so much to choose from!   Continuing the process is the challenge though.  “I might fit into this again soon…or one day”  “I have the space…might as well hang on to it and see if I need it in the next year (or two)”.

Lately my motivation has evolved.  The goal is still to eliminate clutter, but I don’t want to be weighed down by my possessions anymore either.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get back to the college days where everything could fit in one, very stuffed, Toyota Tercel.  I’m not sure I want to.  But downsizing to make moving across the country easier sounds appealing.  So does spending my money on things that bring me more satisfaction and happiness.

In the past few months I’ve sold a desk, bookcase, leather chair and kitchen table.  Almost all of those I never/rarely used.  I don’t miss them.  Okay, minus using the kitchen table to stack piles of opened mail!  My wardrobe received another look-over too and 1-2 garbage bags were filled for give-away. A pile has slowly forming in the corner of my spare room with items designated ‘sell vs give-away?’ or ‘for my sisters’.

Pile of Stuff

Besides shedding any hoarder tendencies lingering in the corner of my pinkie toe, I’m also working at not viewing all of this stuff as wasted money. Ah well.  I take solace knowing a lot of what I don’t need anymore will be utilized by others.  And my load is lighter.

Just over three weeks until I move out and head to my sister’s place in Duluth!  More thoughts to come on leaving Seattle and my beloved doggie.

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2 Responses to #23 No More Clutter!

  1. Courtney says:

    Can you add helping me get rid of clutter to your list too? 🙂 Especially as I accumulate more goods from you! Don’t get rid of too much either, I told you there’s plenty of room to store your goods!!

    Proud of you sister, can’t wait to see you and the pup soon.

    • Ha, I have a huge bin all ready to go for you. I don’t know, Kris got mad when I helped her…she started hiding bins of clothes from me. I’m keeping the stuff I use – getting rid of the stuff I haven’t touched in the 7 months since the last move!!!

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