#19 Back to the Future: Cell Phones

These past few years I’ve managed to avoid a cell phone plan.  I recognize the usefulness of a smart phone, especially for directions. After being stranded on an overpass ramp in Chicago without a cell phone, I also know they can be essential in an emergency situation.  As someone who doesn’t talk much on the phone though and who utilizes Skype and Google Voice, it is just hard for me to justify the cost.   The monthly fee does not match the provided service, in my opinion.

After much internal debate, I’ve found a compromise.  Straight Talk.  They offer unlimited everything plans for $45/month (phone, internet, text, whatever else you can do with these gadgets?), no contract.  In my head, that’s up to 50% off.    The SIM card cost $14.99, free shipping, and is compatible with an older Iphone 3G that was gifted to me.

These next two months will involve driving across the country, booking hotels on the road and increased communication with friends and family as I prepare to leave.  Hopefully this will make staying connected a little easier!

Its time to retire my old pay-as-you-go flip phone.  Sad.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even start this new service back up when I get return to the States…maybe.  For now, #19: Get a Cell Phone is complete!

My total for a SIM card and unlimited everything service

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3 Responses to #19 Back to the Future: Cell Phones

  1. sister says:

    Yay! Will this work internationally too?

  2. No sister :). Too spensive.

  3. Courtney says:

    What!? I thought that was the purpose of getting it! By the way please don’t mention getting stuck on the ramp in Chicago again…still tramatized.

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