#17.6 Oh What Places Will I Go

Quite possibly this whole travel experiment will go along these lines, but in the course of a week I completely re-routed my RTW course that had been established months prior.  The plan was always to head straight for New Zealand and Australia for an action-packed, fairly expensive start to my adventures.  The bonuses being English is the primary language (potentially allowing me to ease into this RTW travel) and I’d be covering the most costly portion while the funds are fresh.

North, south or at the equator: it will likely be near impossible to hit ideal weather everywhere.  With some creative planning, though, hopefully I can at least avoid being a drown rat and/or popsicle everywhere I go.  The idea of exploring NZ in the winter was bumming me out so I scoured the internet again for weather information, forums, blogs and more.  Maps, maps and more maps!  What I came up with is not ideal or optimized in all likelihood, but its something I can wrap my head around, knowing it will probably change 20 more times before my travels are over.

Route Optimization

…NZ/Australia is out and Central/South America is in!  I’ll get to NZ/Aus eventually.  At least I tell myself this to make get my head back in the game.  I’ve psyched myself up for starting my travels there for months and months – haven’t looked into C/S America at all – actually didn’t think I’d hit that part of the world at all on this trip.

This probably isn’t the first lesson I’ve learned while researching and planning, but its one that will stick with me.  Flexibility.  As much as I love travel planning, having nearly everything researched and the best deals found, part of this adventure will be going with the flow and being open to whatever opportunities or suggestions present themselves.  And now I’m finding I can get just as pumped about sloths in Costa Rica as I can zorbing in New Zealand.

With less than two weeks left at work and just four weeks until I leave Seattle for the Midwest, the course has been set to start my travels in El Salvador!  There I’ll be volunteering for a few weeks on an organic farm!

#1 Rough Draft...Now to make a pretty digital version...

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2 Responses to #17.6 Oh What Places Will I Go

  1. finola says:

    Flexibility for sure! Enjoy your adventures and if you make it down to South America, definitely check out Ecuador – my favourite country so far in South America.

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