#5 Mud & Chocolate

A year and a half has gone by since I busted out a race of any kind.  Yesterday, on one of the most beautiful weekend weather days we’ve had in awhile, I celebrated getting back into some resemblance of shape by running a 4.5 mile trail race…followed by eating lots of chocolate!

Mud & Chocolate was a low-key, decent sized race out at the Redmond Watershed Preserve.  The trail was fast, through rolling hills in the woods.  I didn’t even mind what mud there was along the way as it provided a distraction, taking my concentration away from breathing and any little tweak or pain!

And after jumping mud puddles and wishing for more downhills, there was the Easter bunny with a basket of chocolate to mark the finish line.  This was the first race I’ve participated in where I had no idea what my finish time was – perhaps they called it out, but the table of chocolate goodies just beyond the finish had my full attention.

PROOF!  Another 30b30 complete!

Mud & Chocolate Trail Race - Choco Finishers Medal
#23! Power of MJ was with me!

creepiest bunny suit they could find

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2 Responses to #5 Mud & Chocolate

  1. Kris says:

    So was the chocolate in ample supply or did they ration it like at the Nike Women’s Marathon?

    • It wasn’t exactly rationed. They put out various chocolates and chocolate covered goodies on platters on a table. The way the presentation was set-up though, I definitely felt compelled to only take 1-2 of each item (2 chocolate covered pretzels…sad). NWM was way worse bc we spent 20 miles psyching ourselves up for the loot we’re load our skirt pockets full…only to get 1 piece of a not-so-favorite flavor.

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