#26 Diapers Are Not The Path to Maturity


True story.

Back in Chicago a few weeks ago, I found the perfect opportunity (storm) for #26 on my 30b30 list.  Both of my nieces (5 months, 2 yrs) are currently in diapers.   By the end of the four hour plane ride home I had built up the resolve to cross this one off my list and help out my sister during the four diaper-filled days I’d be there.  And even if that resolve was wavering, my two sisters made sure to remind me.

I’ll leave out the gory details, but basically I’m not one ounce more mature. It was every bit of a gag reflect experience that I knew it would be.  Some were obviously easier to change than others.  Some served as instant birth control. If anything, I found more appreciation for my sister’s ability to keep her sanity day-to-day managing a house, kids and a full-time job…up to her ears in seemingly every bodily fluid known to mankind.  There are days I think taking care of my puppy-frog is hard!

No additional maturity gained on this one…just some good stories to embarrass my nieces with some day (evil aunt grin).

Amelia loves March Madness!

Ellie the Monkey
Really hoping I put the diaper on well enough to prevent leakage here.

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