#15.2 Crackle Cookies

The lack of baked goods being brought into the office the past few months hasn’t gone unnoticed by my coworkers.  After receiving several hints these past few weeks and owing a few IOUs, I took a break from all travel planning this afternoon to try a new recipe.

Pretty much everything on Bakerella‘s site looks delicious, but when I saw this post for Chocolate Crackle Cookies I was sold.  The first and only crackle cookie I’ve tasted was Tom Douglas’s Chocolate Crinkle Cookie from Dahlia’s Bakery here in Seattle…it was a special moment I will always remember!

I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe like Bakerella did, but I used the Hershey’s cocoa that was conveniently in my cabinet rather than find fancy Dutch processed.  I also implemented Bakerella’s double sugar rolling method and the dough went straight from 2 hours in the fridge to being rolled, coated and baked (no extra slice & chill).  And if I’m pointing out all the differences, less than 8oz of chocolate and not all the batter may have made it onto the cookie sheet!

They’re definitely yummy…mine just didn’t turn out as flat and moist as I expected.  I think a second batch is definitely in my future…coooookie monster.

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