I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague!

Prague has been at the top of my travel hit list for awhile now.  Sites, cities and countries get stuck in my head for whatever reason and until I experience them for myself, I won’t be content.  Prague is one of those places.

Beyond roaming the districts and soaking in the culture, there are a few experiences I wouldn’t want to leave Czech without.

1) Cooking Class: Eat delicious local foods

Making any of these would be a-okay with me: Svickova sauce with dumplings and cranberries dessert; babovka made with chocolate, nuts, raisins and dark rum; fruit dumplings (ovocné knedlíky). YUM. Happy belly.

"classic czech fruit dumplings"

CC Image courtesy of uair01 on Flickr
"classic czech fruit dumplings"

Sure, I could eat my way through all the restaurants and street vendors in Prague (and there would be a lot of that, no doubt). By taking a cooking class, though, I might walk away with scrumptious recipes to try out in the future and will have created an opportunity to meet locals and learn their traditions firsthand!

2) Exercise: Mountain bike ‘road to Karlstejn” (castle)

After #1, I’ll need this day of biking.  This bike ride would take me outside Prague, into the countryside. The trail’s route provides an opportunity to take dip in a river to cool off and enjoy the views of the upcoming castle.  After all that hard work, the ride would culminate with a tour of Karlstejn castle. I’m a sucker for a view and castles. This just might be the perfect combo of both!

CC Image courtesy of Prazak on Wikipedia "Karlstejn"

3) Culture: Dvořák Prague Festival at the rudolfinum

With some careful coordination, ideally my visit would line up with this event.   Dvořák Prague Festival is a celebration of the work of the most famous Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák.  I might have to shower and bust out some clean clothes for this one. The Rudofinum doesn’t look like a flip flops kind of venue.

4) Climb a Czech Mountain: Snezka

Out of the dress-up clothes from #3 and into hiking boots.  Sitting at 1602m (5256’), this mountain adventure would warrant a trip outside Prague to nearly the border of Poland.  The train ride out there would also give me the chance to see more of the Czech landscape and small towns along the way.  After tackling this trek up Snezka, I could claim to have reached the highest summit in Czech!

5) Relax: Beer

This just looks like pure fun.  I’d start the day by taking the Pilsner Urquell brewery tour and end with a beer bath!  Yes, a BEER BATH!  It promises to help my cellulite, acne and stress…sold!

Go With Oh is putting on a competition to select their next guest blogger, which involves traveling and sharing the experiences.  I’m packed and ready to go. Pick  me.    You can win too! They’re giving away 4 fantastic prizes in their Facebook competition.  Check out www.GowithOh.com

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2 Responses to I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague!

  1. Natalie says:

    Prague is amazing! The food is worth the trip alone. You must try the Pivovarsky Klub (more of a tavern, located half a block from Florenc stop) or Pivovarsky Dum (the actual brewery with a full restaurant, I can’t remember the stop it’s near). If you go to the Klub, Lucas or Lucy will treat you right!

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