#17.3 Planning Meltdown


I am a list person.

But not even lists can calm me now.

I admit, I even re-write my lists.  The same lists.  Makes me feel as though I’m working towards something…even if none of the items are getting checked off.  There are some in Word, some in Excel, some written in notebooks and scratch pads of paper.

Perrrrfectly normal.  Wooooooosa.

There is roughly less than two months to…well to do a whole lot, in my mind.

‘Need To Purchase’ list

‘Need To Sell’ list

‘Need to Do’ list

‘Pack’ list

…I’m sure there more and I just don’t recall…maybe I need a list for my lists!

Specifically, I still need to get travel insurance lined up, vaccines administered, finalize my will, research things like power of attorney?, driver’s license/plates, car work…small things such as copy all my documents and cards, get extra passport photos made….make purchases such as a new bag, laptop, camera lens and more…and finally bigger tasks like sell stuff, pack stuff, haul possessions and my beloved doggie back to the Midwest…on and on…

It doesn’t take much for my excitement to get overshadowed by the overwhelming lists.  And then I start thinking about the dangers of traveling – what could get stolen, what could happen when traveling alone.  How I don’t want to leave my puppy-frog.  Boo! Negative vibes.

There’s time.  I’ll slowly start chipping away at it all.  I won’t let my nerves and stress get the best of me when what this is all working towards is something I’ve dreamed of for so long!

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