#17.2 Leaving Work

April 26th is my last day at work.  Officially.

For weeks I’ve been saying that whether they renewed my contract or not I would leave to start my travels.  But there was that corner of my pinkie toe that still thought maybe it would be foolish to turn down work if it was offered.  Often I found myself telling people “we’ll see what happens”…

Then yesterday my boss asked me what my plans were.  To summarize his side, to keep me on any longer would require great effort and negotiations on his part. And even then maybe only another 30 days.  My enthusiasm for my upcoming travels and volunteering spilled out and by the end of the conversation he seemed nearly equally enthused.  He likened it to an early retirement – which I didn’t mind.  I suppose it is in some ways.  I’d hate though to wait for a retirement that may never come to see the world, learn from it and give a little back.

Unless my performance drastically deteriorates in the next month and a half, it appears I’m leaving on good terms and when they take on contract employees again perhaps I’ll be welcomed back (if I’m not embedded in some jungle community saving gorillas by then).

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One Response to #17.2 Leaving Work

  1. Courtney says:

    So exciting sister!! I can’t believe how fast it’s coming!

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