#8 How Do I Cook an Egg?

Apparently there are over 101 ways to cook an egg.  The internet said so.

For my next adventure, I cooked and sampled six common egg preparations.  Guess those 95 other dishes will remain a mystery for now.

Growing  up, scrambled eggs was the only style I was exposed to..on their own, in an omelet, mixed up with some cheese.  Sure there was the occasional hard boiled egg for salads, but for breakfast it was scrambled every time.   At some point in my 20s, an eggs benedict (poached egg) finally made its way onto my plate.  Beyond that, though, other types of egg preparation were just for people who didn’t know how awesome scrambled eggs tasted.

OR I just didn’t know what they were, how they were prepared, how to order them, or if I even liked them.  What if there was a more delicious way to eat an egg!?

24 eggs…just in case I messed up some err!!!  I started with my classic scramble for reference.  Buttered non-stick pan, beat egg in a bowl, pour into pan, scramble around, done. Meanwhile, I boiled up an egg for fun.  This time, though, instead of boiling it for 7-10 min, I brought it to a boil and then covered it with the heat off for 15 minutes.  Boiled egg is a boiled egg to me.

24 Eggs, Scrambled, Boiled

Next, sunny-side up.  Websites recommended cracking it into a bowl and then sliding it into the pan to prevent the yolk from breaking.  That part was okay.  I may have over-cooked the bottom though because it was slightly rubbery.  Then again, maybe I’m just looking for reasons to hate it.  The liquidy yolk freaks me out.  Too oozy and runny.   Scrambled, Hard Boiled, Sunny-side-up.  More eggs!

Then I tried to make an egg over easy.  Which became an egg over hard.  Edible mistake!  Same as the SSU, but the egg was flipped over and the yolk broken/cooked entirely.  It was good…but if I’m going to eat an egg cooked all the way through, its going to be scrambled!  Scrambled, Hard Boiled, Over Hard, SSU.

Over easy was definitely better than sunny side up.  It was slightly harder to cook due to flipping it over without breaking the yolk.  Cooking both sides helped somehow with this style.  Maybe I should have taste tested blind folded.  Appearance counted. All of these new preparations required trying to keep the yolk centered for appearance sake too (usually unsuccessfully).    Scrambled, Over Easy/Hard Boiled (tie?), Over Hard, SSU.

Sunny Side Up, Over Hard, Over Easy

And finally…poached!  The most elaborate of all!  Several youtube videos later…bring water to a near boil, add tsp vinegar, crack egg into cup (preserve yolk), slide egg into water, gather egg white together, turn off heat, cover, let sit for 3-4 minutes., take out with slotted spoon  Ick.  Ick ick ick.  The best way to describe the result was a soggy egg.  It seemed to have absorbed the water?  Ick ick ick.  I happened to remember that the pot set I’m borrowing came with an egg poacher deal – little cups and a ring to sit on top of a pot!  Round 2.  Boil 1/2″ water in the pan, place ring holder thingy on top of the pan, butter bottom of the egg cup holder, crack egg into the cup holder, place in the ring, cover and let cook for 4 minutes.  No vinegar!  Yum.  Turned out pretty darn good.  Just needed an english muffin and some hollandaise sauce!

Poached (top R is the nasty one)

Finally tally:

Scrambled, Poached (with proper equipment), Over Easy, Hard Boiled, Over Hard, SSU

Ugh, I ate way too many eggs that day – was pretty gross actually.   I’ll have to try ordering some of these new styles at a restaurant now and see if a properly cooked version changes my tally at all!  I’ve also heard about some of those 95 lately too…soft boiled egg?  There are still 18 eggs left to experiment with…or I could use them to make some cookies instead!!!

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