#13: 5 Days of Will Power

Originally this 30b30 goal was to go five days without eating carbs.  The more I thought about it though, carbs are in everything.  And this goal wasn’t to starve myself.  The intention was more to cut out the sweets and processed foods.  It was also to see if I had the will power to last all 5 days.  I’ve never been on a diet before.  Some may say being vegetarian is a health diet perhaps, but its not to me.  A diet to me is giving up foods I love to eat, but know are unhealthy for me…oh delicious cookies and chocolate, how I love you so…which is obviously why I’ve never entertained the notion of going on a diet before!

In the end, I managed to cut all that stuff out (with very few exceptions) for 4.5 days (I was determined, but who can pass up a wine & chocolate tasting?!).   The first day was miserable.  I was hungry all day and went to bed hungry, even though I was eating something every hour or two.  Food was all I could think about.  I’d never wanted delicious, filling carbs so much.  Fortunately, each day got progressively easier as my stomach got adjusted and I found more filing foods.  By Friday my appetite had diminished and I didn’t run to a bowl of pasta like I predicted I would.

To prepare for the week, I cooked a bag of black beans and a bag of garbanzo beans.  I also made a pot of butternut squash soup (using boxed veggie stock).  This was my first time cooking beans, as canned is so fast and easy, and there is definitely a taste difference – takes a little getting used to, but I think they’re tastier and better for me!

Generally I stuck to the same foods all week.  If I were to do this again or carry some of the lessons learned forward, I would spend more time preparing and laying out a meal plan for the week.

Never thought I’d be documenting what I ate day to day err – seems a little silly, but for anyone curious or doubtful, here you go:  For breakfast, three days I drank a kale and fruit shake (w/water, ice cubes) and two days I ate rolled oats (which really helped to keep me fuller…sure, it’s processed, still healthy IMO).     I usually had butternut squash soup for lunch.  My snacks included bananas w/fresh ground peanut butter (found the machine in Fred Meyers organic section), apples w/pb, grapes, clementines, pistachios, walnuts, black beans (w/few jalapenos, fail), mango, pear, and honeydew.  Pretty heavy on the fruit side, ha.  I went back and forth about coffee…coffee won out and 3 days I had half a cup.

Can’t forget din-din!  Over the course of the work week, I ate half a yam, an egg, quinoa w/garbanzo beans and green peas and half an acorn squash.

What did I miss?  Cheese and yogurt.  A piece of chocolate or bowl of ice cream after my meals.  Fountain diet pop (guilty).  The freedom to go out to lunch with my coworkers.  Ideally I could still eat all those things, just in moderation…though that’s a slippery slope for me.  Also there are so many delicious local restaurants here in the NW.  Nomnomnom…I will always be a fat kid at heart!

It has been a few weeks since this challenge and while I’ve kept up parts of the food plan – like cooking hard beans, I’m indulging in sweets just as much as before.  It is Shamrock Shake season after all…and that box of dark chocolate salted caramels from the chocolate tasting shouldn’t go to waste…

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