#17.1 Putting It Down in Writing

Last July, following a girls-getaway weekend in the Caribbean, I sent my best friends this email full of excitement and ramblings:

How crazy do you think this idea is?  I thought of it on the plane ride home from Grand Cayman…
What if I took off ~6ish months for my 30th bday and traveled the world.  It would give me ~1.5 yrs to build up my savings more and plan this out perfectly.   I would have it planned out perfectly bc then I would extend an invitation to all those I love and/or all those I’d love to travel with to come join me on some portion of the trip.  Bc who would be crazy enough to take off all that time with me hehe…but maybe people would take off a week or two to meet me in Timbuktu!  Traveling, for me, is usually more fun when sharing it w/someone else too!
Crazy? or Do-able?

I waited for my very responsible friends to perhaps talk me down off this travel ledge and reiterate the standard message that adults need to hold steady jobs and should not touch their savings – ever.  But they didn’t.  Instead there was nothing but support!

Not a crazy idea at all!!

100% doable.

Fast forward seven months and I’ve finally built the courage to put this all down in writing.  I’ve been afraid to admit my plans (what if I don’t follow through? maybe I should reevaluate spending so much money? what if I decide part way through that its not for me? on and on…).  The past 7 months have been spent sporadically planning.  One week I’m reading endless travel blogs, the next making a pack list, then back to the blogs, then researching insurance, plane tickets, how to use miles…overwhelming is an understatement.  But everything about this is exciting to me and as an experienced procrastinator, this will all come together in time.

I plan to document it all – the planning (there will be lists), the nerves, the adventures…

There’s a lot to write about, but I’ll start with a glimpse at what the first 6 months might look like.

More to come!

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