#2 – Beach Bum

#2 on my 30-Before-30 list was almost too easy.  I’m sure I intended for this item to be harder to check off or to encompass very exotic, high-on-my-bucket-list locations. Either way, I’ve visited two new countries in the past few months:  Bermuda and Barbados.  Hand over the official ‘Beach Bum’ title, please and thank you.

Endless pink beaches, happy hour tropical drinks…and a hurricane.  That is basically what I will remember from Bermuda.  Oh and how very expensive it was to be a tourist there.  Bermuda was a random vacation taken after working way too many hours this year.   I splurged.  I relaxed; I ate too much; I got some sun.  It was worth it.   During the daylight hours, my time was spent walking the beaches, touring the island via a scooter,  reading off my new kindle on a beach chair, and jumping in crazy hurricane waves.

Barbados was genuine luck.  Work sent me on remote to help with a weeks worth of aircraft testing.  Free, free, free travel.  Sure my days were filled with either flying around the Caribbean or sitting in a hot, sticky tent on the airport tarmac.  But my nights were filled with truly delicious meals, swimming by the moonlight and frozen mojitos.  There was the occasional opportunity to squeeze in some sightseeing during the daylight hours too (spoiled)!  I went up to the Wildlife Reserve – where a monkey tried (unsuccessfully) to rip my face off.  I went on a snorkel boat tour – swam with sea turtles and saw a flying fish for the first time, w00tw00t.  Like I said,  I got lucky. It was a relaxing week (at work).

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