My Attempt for #22

Recently I won a free admission to Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA.   Did you catch that?  FREE.  ‘Ice Cream’ is my magic word, but ‘Free’ is close runner-up.  I investigated their tour online and discovered there would be no petting of any wolves on their tour (#22 on my 30 Before 30).  Grr.  Familiarizing myself with the wolves still seemed like a good idea before petting one anyways.  Maybe when I do pet one someday, they’ll look into my eyes and see I know their buddies in Washington and not turn on me.

Wolf Haven is an 82 acre sanctuary that has wolves, wolf-dog hybrids and coyotes.  Some wolves will be reintroduced to the wild and some will have to stay in captivity forever.   Mary Ann, volunteer tour guide, walked us around roughly 8 wolf/hybrid enclosures and 1 coyote enclosure – only a portion of what lives on the 82 acres.  Each enclosure was 1/2-1 acre and housed usually 2 animals.  The weather was ideal for this tour – cold and foggy – which the wolves apparently love because they were up and about, ready to put on a show.  Even the usually shy red wolf was prancing back and forth for the group.

Mary Ann  imparted a lot of wolf knowledge in the hour or so the group walked around.  I didn’t realize how few wolves are in the wild in the US.  I learned how to tell a hybrid from a pure wolf.  I heard some of the rescue stories for animals they had there in the sanctuary and reaffirmed just how much some people suck. But mainly I took lots of pictures through chain link fences of fury, snuggly, fluffy wolves!

And on the day I visited Wolf Haven, WA State Legislature passed a bill to help with repopulation of the gray wolf.  Sweet.

I will just have to make the special trip to Florida to pet one of these fur balls.

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2 Responses to My Attempt for #22

  1. Parisa says:

    How do you tell a hybrid from a pure wolf?

    • The main difference I took away is that a wolf-dog will have a wider chest, with legs that come straight down. A wolf will have a narrower chest/body and the front legs almost form a ‘v’. In general the hybrid seemed to have more fur – like a Malamute – around the chest/lower neck area, too.

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