#1 – Check!

I went bungee jumping!  I didn’t think it would be one of the first on my list to get crossed off, but why not start this out with some oomph.

The trip was organized by someone else so I can’t claim all the nerves-of-steel credit, but I did jump on my own…twice.  The outfit is called Bungee Masters and is done off a privately owned bridge between Seattle and Portland called Pacific Northwest Bridge.  This bridge is nearly 200 feet above the river (read: rocks) below and nestled between a gorgeous forest.

There were at least ten people jumping during my time slot and we were divided by weight.  The heaviest guys went first.  And while they screamed with glee and were all high-fives back at the top, I got more and more nervous with each jumper.  Maybe even light-headed.  I kept drinking water, while sitting in the middle of the bridge, and refused to talk.  The one ‘Bungee Master’ took note and made my weight class and specifically me next.  It all happened so fast.  Ok, you’re hooked in, check, check, triple-check, climb over the railing, look out, ready, go.  No looking down, no let me breathe for a second (read: rethink this).  And then I was falling…and falling…and shoot, why haven’t I stopped falling?!  The brain is almost unable to process the surrounding with so much going by so fast (something like 60mph?). I remember thinking it was taking a long time for the band to reach its maximum length and I remember being shocked by the force that sling shots you back upward.  Anyways, back at the top, I reluctantly agreed to go again (well, I was there and all strapped in…).  The second jump was backwards instead of forwards.  It was creepier.  Seeing sky and not knowing how close you might be to the rocks below.  Oh one more memory; I also recall my screams.  These deep within the gut, throaty howls that I’ve never heard come out of me before.  And they provided great entertainment for those watching above, ha.  Luckily that was all captured on video.

Needless to say, I’d do it again.  My fearlessness seems to be diminishing with age (where did this fear of heights/open-ledges come from?!), but I am proud of myself for trying new things, pushing my limits and seeking adventure.

New experiences and memorable adventures make me happy.

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One Response to #1 – Check!

  1. Parisa says:

    Wahoo! You look so brilliantly happy in this picture. Congrats on a check mark 😉

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